When: Oct. 23- 26, 2019

Where: Bend, OR, various venues

Schedule: https://benddesign.scalehouse.org/schedule/

LINK TO REGISTER: https://benddesign.scalehouse.org/register/

Come together with other creators this October at Bend Design 2019. Over 40 stimulating events are at your fingertips—workshops, performances, hands-on exhibits and more. Chock-full of fun additions like dinners, tournaments, and parties. Get down to business with workshops like “the Power of Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone“, “Why We Brand, Why We Buy“ or “ Meet-Up: Working with Brands and Influencers“.  Bend Design highly recommends signing up now as seats per seminar are limited. Tickets are $200 for an all-access pass. Discounted student passes available.

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