Introducing, Warren Weber, famous for his futuristic touch on modern architecture. Weber is an acclaimed architect in Portland, contributing to the city with striking church designs and modern homes. His church designs feature sweeping angles, pointed roofs of colossal height, and bold use of materials. In contrast, Weber’s residential designs are hyper-functional, toying with mid-century modern minimalism.


Warren Weber was born in 1912 in North Dakota, and moved cross-country to Oregon with his family when he was 10 years old.  He graduated from University of Oregon’s School of Architecture program in 1935 and immediately dove headfirst into Portland’s blooming architecture scene. Networking and gaining experience from PDX top firm for 13 years, he founded his own firm in 1948 and designed notable buildings around the city until the end of his life.


His church designs feature sweeping, vertical roofs. Not only is it visually striking, the shape reverberates sound inside the church. 50-feet of stained glass line the front of the building, casting blue and red color throughout the church nave.
Contrasted, Weber’s Patio House firmly embraces mid-century minimalism. The property is uniquely functional, with simple design elements that encourage hybrid living inside and outside the home. Weber designed the home with four patios, walls of windows and mirrors, and embedded ceiling light to brighten every inch of the home. The current owner, Dr. Richard Mercer, began renovations in 2015 to add subtle modern updates (a silent, ductless air conditioning system), protect the home from future wear, and restore it back to its original glory.
Weber’s 1955  “Lake House” has been modified throughout the years, diminishing the original design. However, as of 2014, renovations began to restore the original aesthetic. Owner Sarah Tripp Stephan’s goal was to preserve the original “bones”, reintroduce indoor-outdoor living, and “create authentic barefoot living to reflect the character and spirit of lake life”.
Warren Weber died in 1982 in Portland, at the age of 70. He left behind a lasting impact on the architectural community and a unique imprint on modernism. To learn more about his life and work, be sure to check here.
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