I had the pleasure of helping my amazing buyers score one of the Saul Zaik designed 1A homes. We were up against multiple offers but my clients were willing and able to get creative with their terms and we won it! I am so excited that their family gets to call this piece of the areas architectural history home, congrats!

About Saul Zaik

 Zaik graduated from the University of Oregon’s school of architecture in 1952, at the dawn of the midcentury design era, and quickly found work in a variety of local firms, including a stint at Belluschi, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. In 1955, he started his own firm, sharing office space in an old Victorian home at the edge of town with fellow University of Oregon grads. This gathering of architects—William Fletcher, Donald Blair, John Reese, Frank Blachly, Alex Pierce, and designer George Schwarz—was known as the 14th Street Gang.

Saul is known for his Northwest Regional Style designed residences that focus on how the people intend to use their spaces and connect the interior with the nature surrounding. The NW style or NW modern is an architectural style popular in the Pacific Northwest between 1935 and 1960. It is a regional variant of the International style. It is defined by the extensive use of unpainted wood in both interiors and exteriors. Other features of the style include integration of the building with its setting through asymmetrical floor plans, extensive use of glass extending to the floor, a low-pitched or flat roof of shingles with overhanging eaves, and a minimum of decoration.

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