The long awaited, third installment of Desert X is finally here! The biennial event features international contemporary art and highlights the desert landscape of Palm Springs, California. The event’s mission is to meaningfully present the desert environment and indigenous people, fostering a harmonious community of culture, art, and historical appreciation. The Desert X coordinators work with environmental organizations who ensure all art pieces will leave the area better than before the art installation.
The event is free and available to everyone, which means you need to plan ahead! If you plan to visit on a busy day (Thursday-Sunday), timed reservations are available online to ensure guests are adequately distanced, and the surrounding environment is not harmed. While you’re planning your trip, make sure to anticipate the desert conditions — pack sunscreen and plenty of water.
You have until May 16th to view the 13 art exhibits, built around the beautiful desert landscape. The artwork plays upon the social, political, and environmental issues of the California desert and the indigenous people of the area.
After so many shutdowns and canceled events, the spacious, outdoor Desert X event is perfect for the NW current state. The unique event is spread out across the greater Palm Springs area, with a “Hub” located off Palm Canyon Drive with resources and exhibition guides. Max travel time between exhibits is 30 minutes, from Desert Springs to Palm Desert.
This year’s art exhibits feature renowned and upcoming artists from around the world. Check out the Desert X 2021 list of featured artists:
The third installment of the Desert X event is going on now through May 16th.

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