Over the weekend I was treated to a tour of the Aubrey Watzek house that was designed by John Yeon. The Watzek house built in 1937 has been preserved in it’s original condition and is now on the National Historic Registry. The home is a gorgeous example of early Northwest Modernism and shows how creative Yeon was in his use of materials to expand and compress interior spaces and to connect the interior with the outdoors. Watzek was a a lumber baron and Yeon was from a logging family as well so they had access to incredible local timber that is used creatively throughout the home on walls and ceilings.

The guided tour led by a University student takes you through each room of the house where they share stories and history about Yeon,Watzek, the materials and architectural concepts used throughout.

The home was owned last by Yeon who purchased it from the Watzek estate and it was donated by his partner to the University of Oregon’s John Yeon Center who maintains the property and use it for educational purposes.
You can find more information and schedule a tour at the John Yeon Center, link to their website here.
Photo credit: Jeremy Bittermann

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